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5 Ways to Stand Out in Today’s Job Search.

Employers struggle more and more to find people with the right skills. Make sure you are highlighting the skills in demand to get their attention.

There is a shortage of talent in the workforce which works in favor for job seekers and employees with the right set of skills. The latest research based on ManpowerGroup’s 2018 Talent Shortage Survey revealed 46% of U.S. employers are facing difficulty filling positions due to an in ability to find people with skills that are in demand. As a result, positions are going unfilled, hurting a company’s ability to grow and operate efficiently. This shortage of talent allows job seekers and employees to really leverage their skills that are in need by employers and position themselves for success.

What can you do to use this talent shortage in your favor? What are the skills to showcase to employers that are searching for talent? What can you do to stand out?

Five ways to stand out in today’s job search:

  1. Identify your technical skills based on the top 10 jobs and human strengths that are in demand by employers. Human strengths were first introduced in ManpowerGroup’s Skills Revolution 2.0 report; they are skills like communication, collaboration, relationship-building, creativity, empathy and a desire to learn. These skills augment the speed and efficiency that technology brings to the workplace and are valued by employers.
  2. Build on your technical skills and human strengths; continually learn new skills to reduce the risk of automation replacing the tasks you do.
  3. Highlight in your cover letter, resume and interview those human strengths where you excel and the hard skills related to the job. Emphasize how having these specific skills will help the potential employer continue to grow and operate efficiently.
  4. Be adaptable to change. As digitization, artificial intelligence and virtual reality impact the workplace more and more, it becomes even more critical to adapt to the change and continuously learn new skills to stay employable for jobs that may not even exist today.
  5. Highlight your skills and learnings through your professional networks, social channels like LinkedIn, and communications with existing/potential employers.

Over a quarter of the employers surveyed in the latest Talent Shortage report indicated applicants lack either the hard skills or human strengths needed to fulfill their roles. Take advantage of this gap by honing in on the skills and human strengths that will attract the attention of today’s employers and help to retain your employability into the future.

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