Five Tips to Make the Ability to Adapt Your Most Desirable Skill

Today more than ever we are challenged with being flexible in how we work, where we work, how we structure our day, and the tasks we complete. Being able to accept changes in a positive manner, learn new methods, and handle different workflows demonstrates one of the highly sought-after skills of adaptability.

Consider the tips below to develop or strengthen your adaptability:

  1. Change your mindset. Think positively. Ignore the negative voice in your head. Instead of thinking “This situation is horrible.” Rephrase it as “This is going to be a challenge but I’m going to get through it.”
  2. Establish a plan or schedule to help accept the new normal. Accept the fact the plan may need to change or be altered again as things evolve.
  3. Find support. Connect with friends, family or colleagues that are going through the same situation. Share feelings and tips on how best to handle the new situation.
  4. Practice self-care. Give yourself a break and do what you love. Read a book, take a class, exercise, watch a movie or listen to a podcast.
  5. Seek to learn. Learn what you can do to adjust to the changes, maybe it’s learning a new tool or software application, exploring a new area of professional development or modifying your habits to meet a personal goal.

The key to being adaptable in the workplace is being willing to learn. Take advantage of any training or experience-building opportunities you can. Manpower associates have access to MyPath, our career resources platform that provides upskilling opportunities through funded degree programs and online skills training.

Make Your Ability to Adapt Your Strongest Skill

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