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Secrets to Thriving in the Future Manufacturing Factory

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Do you know what the roles of Machine Learning Specialist, Collaborative Robotics Specialist, and Self-Guided Vehicle (SGV) Systems Engineer all have in common? They are all new roles in manufacturing that are expected to contribute to the digital revolution.

Whether you are one of the 12.3 million workers employed in the manufacturing industry today in the United States or someone thinking of pursuing a job in manufacturing, the expectation is that you will adapt and transition your skills to meet the needs of digital manufacturing technologies and processes. Check out the tips below on how to get started.


Tips to thrive in digital manufacturing

  1. Know your Learnability QuotientTM. Take this free assessment to better understand how you learn as well as your desire and ability to grow and adapt to new circumstances.
  2. Understand how your role or desired role fits within the manufacturing environment. Having this general understanding will help you identify how you need to adapt to the changes happening in manufacturing.
  3. Be open to opportunities that allow you to upskill and cross-train. Manufacturing roles are constantly changing and evolving. To stay relevant and thrive, take advantage of every opportunity to learn new skills and train on new job tasks through employer-provided training and non-employer provided opportunities.
  4. Adopt a lifelong learner mindset. The best skill you can have today to achieve success is to constantly learn and be willing to adapt to change.

Learn more about the transformation in manufacturing by reviewing our latest paper The Future Factory. Mapping the Skills That Will Power Manufacturing

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