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Robots at work. Are you ready?

The best path to success in your job is to be able to adapt to change. And if there is one change that is certain to affect us all, it is that technology and automation are changing the way we work. Let’s face it, technology has already changed the way we interact with each other, shop for our favorite products and navigate our communities; it is inevitable, how we perform our jobs will change.

Recent research shared in our report Humans Wanted: Robots Need You highlights that organizations are automating their processes, which means opportunity, not displacement, for you (if you take the right actions).

Actions to take now for success in the future

  1. Forty-one percent of companies reported they will automate tasks over the next two years, with areas of manufacturing and production leading the way in terms of anticipating the most change. For you the action to take is to start thinking of areas where your job could be automated. Automation typically applies to independent, repetitive, and very physical or precision-based tasks.
  2. Employers that automate their processes actually increase the number of people they employ – not reduce it. For you the action to take is to think about what technical and soft skills you want to strengthen or build that will best allow you to work with the automation and manage or support the robots.
  3. Organizations that are already automating components of their work process are growing, and that growth is producing more jobs, and even new types of jobs. As a result, companies are ramping up resources to upskill workers to be able to perform the new, more advanced jobs. For you the action to take is to be aware of training opportunities and be open to learning. Take our quick evaluation to determine your desire and ability to grow and adapt; discover your personal Learnability Quotient.

Get ready for automation, robots and components of artificial intelligence to enter your world at work. Don’t fear it. Embrace it. Be open to learning, adapting, and taking on new challenges.

Manpower associates can get started preparing today. Visit MyPath, our career resources platform, for access to tools, training programs and resources to help prepare for the future of work.

For more information on how robots are revolutionizing the skills of today’s workers, visit the Skills Revolution 4.0 report.

Robots at work. Are you ready? | Manpower Jobs

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