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Understand the Expanding Role of Administrative Professionals

The role of administrative professionals has evolved requiring new tasks and skills. 

The role of administrative professionals has expanded and adapted due to changes in technology, responsibility, workplace demands, and market needs.  To better understand the role and expectations of today’s administrative professionals, Manpower surveyed over 650 administrative professionals and 50 employers who are likely to hire administrative professionals.

The survey results revealed that the position is in demand as over 70% of employers’ plan to hire administrative professionals in 2018.   This is positive to those interested in pursuing or currently engaged in a career path in this area. That demand, however, comes with performance expectations as the job has changed.

The employers in our survey identified new tasks administrative professionals are now expected to perform.  The top five new tasks are:


Along with the new tasks of the expanded role, comes new skills and expectations. Over 70% of employers conveyed in our survey that they are experiencing challenges in filling their administrative professional roles.  Some of that challenge comes from a lack of qualified talent possessing the skills that are in demand.  

Our surveyed employers shared the top five skills they are looking for in administrative professionals;  key attributes for  job seekers to possess and convey when exploring new employment opportunities or for excelling in existing administrative positions. 

As the role continues to evolve, it is important to stay current with your skills and continuously learn new skills.  Here are the top ways the administrative professionals surveyed indicated they refresh their skills:

1. Job shadow/learn from peers
2. Take training courses
3. Conduct research, use online resources, and read.
4. Join webinars or podcasts.
5. Take college courses

Whether you are currently in an administrative professional role or are looking to start a career, opportunities are available as this position remains, as it has throughout history, a critical role in the world of work. 

Access a summary of our survey results [infographic] to gather greater insight to what employers shared and administrative professionals expressed about the changing role of today’s administrative professionals.

Understanding the Expanding Role of Administrative Professionals

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