General Office Clerk Certification


Become certified as a General Office Clerk and explore new opportunities and start your career in the clerical space. You’ll gain knowledge in office systems, administrative procedures, time management, customer service and more in this program.

General Office Clerks perform a wide variety of Clerical duties that may be assigned in accordance with the office procedures of individual establishments and may include a combination of answering telephones, bookkeeping, typing or word processing, office machine operation, and filing.

What opportunities you’ll have:

  1. Take a series of six online knowledge units consisting of one or more modules. Click here for detailed descriptions of each unit.
  2. Work with an instructor to address any questions and receive guidance on assignments.
  3. Complete weekly Professional Practice exercises to prove your knowledge of the course content and your ability to apply what you learned in a work-related situation.

What you’ll earn upon successful completion:

  1. A certificate recognizing the achievement.
  2. One prior learning assessment credit that may be used towards obtaining a bachelor’s degree at University of Phoenix upon review.
  3. On Access to roles through Manpower’s network; your Manpower representative can help to identify General Office roles available and actively promote you to employers.


This is a voluntary program available at no cost to qualifying Manpower associates. Time spent in connection with this voluntary program is not work time and will not be paid.  There is no guarantee of employment in a General Office Clerk position upon completion of the program.  If you are currently in a General Office Clerk or similar position you are not eligible for this specific program.  You may want to consider other Manpower Acceleration Programs being offered.

General Office Clerk – Sept 25th

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