Aerodynamic and Thermal Development



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Santa Clarita

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Up to USD0.00 per year

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Northern California Engineering - (USA) 3101 Zinfandel Drive Suite 240 CA Rancho Cordova , CA 95670



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Aerodynamic and Thermal Development

Position: Aerodynamic and Thermal Development

Location: Santa Clarita, CA (91355)

Modality: Onsite

Manpower Engineering was an open position in Aerodynamic and Thermal Develpment for a client in the automotive/auto racing industry.


* Conceptualize and lead aero & thermal dev topics to win Indy500 each year by setting (and achieving) aerodynamic and thermal performance targets

* Work within HPD Aero Group to execute development projects to improve aerodynamic performance of Honda IndyCars

* Aerodynamic Testing-Plan, support, and execute HPD IndyCar WT testing, in collaboration with Honda IndyCar teams; Analyze WT results and distribute results to Honda teams

* Collaborate with HPD Aero R&D to ensure proper methodology and instrumentation is applied to achieve test objectives which includes planning and supporting straight-line and track testing, with focus on aerodynamic performance validation

* Collaborate with HPD Aero CFD Group, define CFD topics and analyze results from HPD Aero CFD engineers

* Define correlation targets for CFD

* Maintain positive relationship with and collect feedback from Honda IndyCar teams

* Support WT tests, and select track tests

* Prepare data, tools, and analysis to be shared with teams


* At least BS in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering

* 3-5 Years of experience in relevant field

* Fundamental understanding of automotive aerodynamics, with an in-depth understanding of motorsports aerodynamics & thermodynamics .

* Good understanding of basic statistical principles applied to analysis of noisy exp. data; understanding of term VVUQ. Knowledge of IndyCar mechanics and track setups is an advantage