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Sauk Rapids

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USD34 - USD35 per year

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Alexandria, MN - (USA) 507 North Nokomis Suite E MN Alexandria , MN 56308



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The Water Resource Manager is responsible for all projects and programs that address water quality and quantity issues and aid in achieving the water quality and quantity goals as outlined in the Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan (CWMP). This includes the development and implementation of watershed projects and programs, including capital improvement projects, smaller scale projects as applicable, and special programs. The Water Resource Manager will coordinate watershed management activities and meetings involving other local units of government, City and County Departments, agencies, and private and non-profit organizations, as well as landowners, within the watershed.


1. Manage the implementation of District projects. These projects may include Capital projects, partner projects, landowner projects, and grant projects. Project management encompasses all aspects of the project, including but not limited to financial management, scope of work, schedule, partner coordination, engineering, contracts, easements, cooperative funding agreements and permitting. Project evaluation and documentation is paramount to this position.

2. Ongoing management of District projects. This includes follow through on Operation and Maintenance plans, conducting regular project inspections, and communication with landowners and partners as applicable to complete this work.

3. Develop and implement programs. Administrating programs encompasses all aspects of the program, including but not limited to development, financial management, schedule, partner coordination, engineering, contracts, easements, cooperative funding agreements and permitting.

4. Provide technical assistance to District projects and programs. Maintain good working relationships with existing and potential project partners and assist in building good working relationships with all partner agencies and lake associations. Assist landowners in environmental issues and concerns. Represents the District on federal, state and local technical committees. Provide leadership and management support drafting comments, responses and recommendations to federal, state and local water management rules, regulations and plans.

5. Facilitate special interest groups and partnerships, such as a Technical Advisory Committee.

6. Manage the development and amendment of the CWMP, which includes updating the CWMP based on water quality data and working with the Collaborative to track water quality and quantity improvements. Maintains the CWMP in cooperation with the Collaborative and provides the general public, elected officials and agency staff with information as required. Manages the development and updating of special reports, including but not limited to the District s Total Maximum Daily Load reports and Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy Report.

7. Research available funding other than the general levy. This funding can be from grant programs, State Revolving Funds, or Board approved special assessments. Initiate the application process, including pre-grant planning, coordinating the activities of District staff in aiding in any grant/loan applications, and administering the funds from awarded grants. Submit semi-annual reports to funding sources for grant-funded projects. Perform budget tracking and expenditure reporting and ensure the Office/Financial Manager has accurate and up-to-date figures for accounting. Collaborate with partners to ensure match funding is available. Liaison between the District and outside funding agencies and groups for all Dist. programs.

8. Review/provide QC check on water quality sample results and work collaboratively with the Monitoring Coordinator if data concerns.