Bench Tech Support


Manufacturing and Production

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Salary Range

Up to CAD14.50/hr

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Branch Information

Toronto, ON - Regional - (CAN) 305 Milner Avenue Suite 903 ON Toronto , ON M2J 5C2



Job Description

Key Responsibilities

Receive, assess/disk wipe and ship, a variety of small to medium range electronic products e.g. laptops, personal computers, tablets, smart phones, etc. Work with many programs to manage inventory or tools, parts and product. Innovate and develop new techniques and processes.

* Work in a production/lab setting receiving laptop

* Manage parts inventory and dismantle (or give dismantle instruction) to maintain parts inventory.

* Identify surplus parts as scrap or opportunity for sales.

* Develop basic functionality tests for miscellaneous equipment and/or new technologies.

* Assist in developing procedures regarding new technologies or customer requirements.

Task, Activities and critical success factors

* Receive product

* Cleaning and assesses electronics

* Perform disk wiping

* Install OS systems

* Sort, understand, and verify repair needs based on data sheets provided by test results/operators.

* Perform internal audits; make recommendations, work with department for corrective and preventive actions, monitor closure of actions follow-up for effectiveness of actions

* Accountable for individual or team results

* Prepare reports when required

* Prepare training and presentation materials

* Maintain and control records and documents associated with the processes

* Offer recommendations or solutions to problems

* Contribute to the team in achieving objectives