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Salary Range

USD33 - USD45 per hour

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Branch Information

Stockton, CA - (USA) 3558 Deer Park Drive Suite 102 CA Stockton , CA 95219



Job Description


Job Responsibilities:

Automation technicians perform routine and emergency diagnostic checks on automated systems, monitor automated systems, isolate problems, and perform repairs. For example, CAE technicians at CNP use weights or specialized instruments to ensure the machines are functioning properly and to design and legal specifications. If a problem occurs, the technician will troubleshoot the issue and determine if the problem is mechanical, electrical or from the computer systems controlling the process. Once the issue has been diagnosed, the technician shall repair or replace any necessary components, such as a sensor or electrical wiring.

Technical Guidelines:

* Troubleshoot, service and fix the computerized systems and robotic devices that are designed to reduce human interaction, such as robotic assembly devices and computer-controlled building air-conditioning systems.

* Manufacture, document, and test control systems and process controls.

* Installation, testing and calibration level, temperature, and flow controls.

* Programable logic Control (PLC) Communication and Automation Systems. Ability to troubleshoot electrical systems. PLC programs, motor VFD's and other electronic systems.

* Troubleshoot, Modify, and Maintain a variety of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) using Ignition SCADA, SQL Historian, Compact-Logics, Allen Bradley PLC 5, Allen Bradley SLC 500, Allen Bradley CLX 5500, Allen Bradley Panel View, and GE Fanuc LM-90 platforms.

* Assist on shift and as needed with Program logic and automation to support all aspects of automation across the site

* Knowledgeable of all different Electrical power profiles and able to troubleshoot effectively

* Design, fabricate and test Electrical Panels to support all levels of automation and power distribution across the site

* Instrument maintenance and calibration

* Create, organize, and maintain documentation related to aforementioned items

* Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

2+ years' experience in the following:

* High School Diploma or GED

* Electrical Instrumentation and calibration.

* PLC programming and troubleshooting of programs

* Electrical and PLC documentation reading and writing.

* Safe working knowledge related to electrical and mechanical activities

* Computer Applications knowledge for Word, spreadsheets, and charting.

* Training in electrical, electronics and programmable logic controllers.

* Experience variable frequency drives and motion control.

* Analog and digital circuitry.

Preferred Qualification:

Strong math, computer, and electronics skills; ability to work with hand tools and various instruments Industrial courses and certifications from accredited program in Electronics, Industrial power and Robotics and Automation

Equipment Operated:


* Calibration equipment

* Fabrication tools and equipment

* Conduit bending tools

* Hand tools