Compounder / Batcher


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Up to USD18/hr

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New York City, NY - Metro - (USA) 99 Park Avenue 6th Floor NY New York , NY 10016



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Handles ingredients and prepares product for bottling by mixing ingredients according to QC procedures. Supplies the production line with the batched product in a timely manner and helps to attain maximum product recovery.

Specific Duties

* Responsible for complying with food safety, food security, Quality, GMP's, HAACP, and Allergens as well as

* Other regulations as required.

* Transports required ingredients and pre-weighs/measures all ingredients.

* Batching using multiple tanks, scales, blenders, suction pumps, centrifugal/PD pumps, Computer software, and manual meters.

* Follows instructions on batching sheets (where applicable), adds the proper ingredients per the chemical management system (CMS).

* Completes all required documentation for batching/cleaning/pasteurizing operations as required.

* Obtains batch tank samples for quality testing (pH, Brix etc.). Follows instructions from the quality department on any batch adjustments necessary to bring product into specification.

* Must be able to operate a forklift.

* Responsible for ensuring the quality and integrity of the product run on the lines based on specifications.

* Responsible for duplicating and communicating all safety and good manufacturing practices in accordance with company policy as well as all other company policies.

* Hooks up hoses, pumps and lines for bulk concentrate, sugar and transfers to the proper tank.

* Removes empty barrels and bins from batching area to outside storage area.

* Maintains sanitation and cleaning of the area through the shift.

* Completes sanitation and line CIP as required.

* Responsible for CIP sanitation of all batching lines, tanks and equipment.

* Adheres to company policies and safety requirements as defined.

* Reports all non-compliance, product protection and food safety issues to management when encountered.

* Represents the company in a positive manner at all times.

* Must be able to efficiently run the pasteurization system for all product line as needed.

* Other duties as assigned by management.