Controls/PLC Engineer (relocation provided)



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The Dalles

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Salary Range

USD85000-130000 per year

No. of Openings


Branch Information

Southern California Engineering - (USA) 2100 Main Street 4th Floor CA Irvine , CA 92614



Job Description

Job Summary:

* Plant/facility technical/electronic maintenance, troubleshooting, preventative maintenance; training of other maintenance department employees on PLC-based control systems.

Required Education/Experience:

* Associates degree in electrical/electronic technology field

* Minimum of 5 years of hands-on industrial experience with control systems (required).

Preferred Skills/Qualifications:

* Proficiency in programming/navigating and troubleshooting PLC control systems is a must. (must)

* Experience with Allen Bradley PLC-5, SLC-500, ControLogix, Panelview and Panelview Plus is a big plus (must)

* Familiarity with the following industrial control communication protocols: ControlNet, Ethernet, DH+, Remote I/O, DeviceNet.

* Working knowledge of hydraulics, pneumatics, and combustion control systems is a plus.

* Knowledge of Windows operating system, PC/software configurations, and how PLC software works with computer operating systems

Job Responsibilities:

* Assist with installation, start-up, and maintenance of plant/facility electrical equipment and control systems, with particular emphasis on troubleshooting PLC-based control systems.

* Maintain complete and current software configurations on a group of roughly 14 maintenance laptops that are assigned to various maintenance crews throughout the plant. Familiarity with Rockwell software products, a plus.

* PLC and HMI/operator interface configurations and minor/low-level changes such as adding new alarms, adding timers or other methods to eliminate problems from bouncing input contacts and other "noisy" input signals.

* Assist operating and maintenance departments in selecting and standardizing equipment, software, device upgrades, drivers and interfaces to improve equipment operation and control system reliability.

* Provide written documentation of changes to control systems engineers and notifications to all maintenance employees when significant changes are made to control systems so that troubleshooters on all shifts are aware of recent changes.

* Communicate within department, and with other technical specialists in IT and plant engineering departments, as needed to resolve problems that are beyond your ability to correct.

* Contact equipment suppliers for technical support, as needed.