Corrugator Utility


Manufacturing and Production

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Up to USD19.79/hr

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Columbus, GA - (USA) 1648 Whittlesey Road Suite 100 GA Columbus , GA 31904



Job Description

The Responsibility of the Corrugator Utility position is to provide break relief for all Corrugator operating positions, maintain housekeeping and complete all rework when every position is filled and perform the Stacker, Double Backer or Baler roles when someone is absent or on vacation.


* Check to see that all electrical power is on for the glue station & roll stands.

* Set damns and put starch into pans.

* Peel, load, and record paper of the first cutting list.

* Thread paper through the doublebacker splicer and assist operator with running the web onto the bridge.

* Cut a tail on the web for threading through the bridge and glue station.

* With the aid of the operator, thread the web through the glue station and run the board down to the slitter station.

* Strip and load the paper.

* Prepare the splicers.

* Keep the work area clean.

* Help the operator when necessary.


Make sure that both stackers are unlocked and that the electrical power is on for the stackers and the conveyor system.

Cut and collect pull sheets necessary for the orders to be run during the shift. This includes sheet orders and extra pull sheets for the next shift.

Perform start-up on both stackers

Assist the knife person in running board through the slitter and knife.


Complete PIT checklist every shift before driving PIT

Turn on and off (if not running 3 shifts) Balers and Cyclone for each machine center scrap systems


Report to the corrugator 3 to 5 minutes before the start of the shift and talk with the preceding shift's doublebacker about any problems with the corrugator to see where you are concerning the run at shift change.

Peel and shaft the paper to be run and make sure that the correct paper is on the correct roll stand.

Align the paper, make starch settings at the glue station, and make any other adjustments that are needed to produce a quality product.

Assist the operator with the bookkeeping and running the corrugator as well as doing anything else needed to ensure the continual running of the corrugator.

Make all bridge and tension settings as well as board combination changes at the glue station.


Check the setup and the quality of the board. Notify the operator about warp, loose liner, or paper alignment.

Put good pull sheets under loads and mark each load with the factory order number and the shift, as well as load tags for sheet orders.

Assist the knife person on setups, place tear tape, ludox, Michelman if needed and assist in any way to keep the corrugator running.

Put all good sheets onto WIP lines in an organized manner

Operate the stackers.

Help clean jam ups and keep the dry end running.


* Hog all waste that is brought to the Baler from Corrugator, Converting and Shipping

* Enter all Wet End waste into Kiwi Combined Waste Report

* Load bale waste railcar

* Maintain baler room housekeeping every shift

* Empty roll core carts in trailer at Dock 12

* Weigh all bales that are produced and log them on the Baler log sheet

* Ensure waste is removed from Wet End, Shearer and Dry End throughout the shift

A high school diploma (or GED) is required. One to two years experience in an industrial or manufacturing environment is required. Experience in the corrugated or converting industry is preferred, but not required.