Customer Service Specialist


Call Center and Customer Service

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Up to USD0.00 per year

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Manpower Engineering ,


Job Description

1. Purpose

The Customer Service Specialist receives and processes elevator or equipment/component delivery inquiries and orders from the organizations Frontline (FL) units. The Customer Service Specialist enables complete, correct and punctual deliveries of products and solutions to FL units as requested. He/She manages the interface with all key stakeholders during the delivery project.

In addition customer service specialist performs defined operations planning related activities.

2. Responsibilities and key activities

This section includes the responsibilities and key activities that the Customer Service Specialist is either accountable for, or responsible to execute.

Responsibilities and key activities

Receives inquiries from FL, investigate and process the inquiry, get necessary information from other Supply Line (SL) functions, reply to FL.

Receives the elevator /equipment/component orders from FL and books the order into SL Order Book

Verifies the received order information, steers order bound engineering and confirms the order to FL.

Compiles pricing for needed orders

Composes, collects and sends necessary technical information to FL. Involves internal interest groups if necessary.

Receives and processes clarification requests from FL, and provides replies.

Confirms material delivery times and transfer prices to FL

Informs FL about any deviations in delivery operations.

Create shipping list for factory shipping area, making sure to be shipping the completed correct orders requested for COT.

Support production area with production documents with collaboration and information from production planner

Support production planner activities including reporting with shipping and production metrics, analysis production order printing etc.

3. Performance measures

Performance measures

Inquiry & Order booking performance

Inquiry & Order processing quality and performance

Delivery COT

Quality feedback

Shipping cost / unit

4. Competence profile

4.1. Behavioural competences

Attention to procedures and guidelines

Values clearly defined procedures and guidelines in work. Easily adapts to rules and supervision. Works in a well-organised manner. Pays sufficient attention to details. Makes plans in line with established procedures and guidelines.


Shares information widely. Treats others with dignity and respect. Respects different needs and viewpoints. Creates trust and a sense of team spirit. Maintains confidentiality and holds to agreements. Admits own mistakes. Obtains co-operation by active listening and sensitivity towards situations and people. Establishes strong working relationships and effective internal and external networks. Achieves consensus, closes deals or discussions with clear understanding of agreement.