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Port Orange

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Daytona Beach, FL - (USA) 339 Bill France Boulevard FL Daytona , FL 32114



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Manpower is hiring for 1st Shift Painter in Port Orange!! Up to $20.00 hourly (DOE)


Operates a spray painter or other equipment to apply industrial paint finishes on metals or products. Mixes paints and other solutions and monitors drying to ensure desired results.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

* Determine proper color for unit.

* Wash, sand and prepare frame for painting.

* Clean, prime and cut-in frame.

* Check paint line for completed units from test facility for green ribbon, indicating that the unit has been tested and is ready for painting.

* Responsible for maintaining a clean and safe work area.

* Responsible for maintaining proper attendance.

* Select appropriate coatings, paints, or sprays, or prepare them by mixing substances according to formulas, using automated paint mixing equipment.

* Hold or position spray guns to direct spray onto articles.

* Fill hoppers, reservoirs, troughs, or pans with material used to coat, paint, or spray, using conveyors or pails.

* Start and stop operation of machines, using levers or buttons.

* Determine paint flow, viscosity, and coating quality by performing visual inspections, or by using viscometers.

* Attach hoses or nozzles to machines, using wrenches and pliers, and make adjustments to obtain the proper dispersion of spray.

* Turn dials, handwheels, valves, or switches to regulate conveyor speeds, machine temperature, air pressure and circulation, and the flow or spray of coatings or paints.

* Observe machine gauges and equipment operation to detect defects or deviations from standards, and make adjustments as necessary.

* Perform test runs to ensure that equipment is set up properly.

* Clean machines, related equipment, and work areas, using water, solvents and other cleaning aids.

* Examine, measure, weigh, or test sample products to ensure conformance to specifications.

* Thread or feed items or products through or around machine rollers and dryers.

* Weigh or measure chemicals, coatings, or paints before adding them to machines.

* Set up and operate machines to paint or coat products with such materials as silver and copper solution, rubber, paint, glaze, oil, or rustproofing materials.

* Operate auxiliary machines or equipment used in coating or painting processes.

* Remove materials, parts, or workpieces from painting or coating machines, using hand tools.

* Record operational data on specified forms.

* Prepare and apply stencils, computer-generated decals, or other decorative items to finished products.

* Transfer completed items or products from machines to drying or storage areas, using handcarts, handtrucks, or cranes.

* Start pumps to mix solutions and fill tanks.

* Place items or products on feedracks, spindles, or reel strands to coat, paint, or spray them, using hands, hoists, or truck lifts.

* Attach and align machine parts such as rollers, guides, brushes, and blades, using hand tools.

* Paint small items and perform touch-up painting, using paint brushes

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