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Swiftwater, PA - (USA) 1 Discovery Drive PA Swiftwater , PA 18370

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The Filling Department's role is to aseptically fill vaccines that are formulated through the Formulation Department. The Filling Department fills vials and syringes, which can include Flu, Adacel (diphtheria, tetanus acellular, and pertussis), and Menactra. The daily activities can include vial and syringe handling, loading, and movement. There is also extensive documentation, as well as following strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's), Standard Work Instructions (SWI) and FDA guidelines. Included in this department as well is extensive preparation, cleaning and sterilization. Filling requires extensive training in order to complete several tasks.


Must have a Life Science Degree

· Must be able to write clear and concise documentation

· Ability to follow Standard Operating Procedures and Standard Work Instructions

· Each task requires within the Filling Department requires specific training. Each worker must be able to track their own training, and can only work on tasks they are qualified to perform

· Able and willing to perform aseptic cleaning, which will require cleaning Standard Work Instructions for preparation of disinfection, lifting 2-4 gallons of water, stretching above height level to clean machines, and pulling/pushing small tanks filled with disinfection.

· Must be able to transport pallets of syringes and vials using a pallet jack from staging area to filling area. The process involves lifting and bending of boxes weighing up to 25 pounds.

.Basic computer skills

Every employee must be able to work weekends, holidays and overtime if necessary. Everyone is scheduled two days off, but days off may not be consecutive and may vary from week to week (rotating schedule).

Jewelry and makeup are not allowed on the floor. Perfume, hairspray, cologne, aftershave and/or any scents are not permitted. Long fingernails and nail polish are not allowed.

The attire includes sterile scrubs and gowns, hairnets, beard covers, safety glasses and steel toe boots. There may be extended gowning for higher grade areas.


Good documentation skills

Some pharmaceutical experience

Forklift experience

Some manufacturing background.