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Portland, OR - (USA) 10260 SW Greenburg Road Suite 500 OR Portland , OR 97223



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1. Arrive on time, stay for the duration of your shift.

2. Check in with your Coordinator (listed above). This person is your supervisor for the duration of your deployment. Follow their directions.

3. Sign in and out (check in with your Coordinator prior to leaving the emergency shelter, even for brief periods of time)

4. Obtain your personal protective equipment (keep at least two pairs of nitrile gloves with you at all times).

5. Attend the orientation/briefing led by your Coordinator. This briefing is important and will include introductions, additions to special instructions, schedule (for example transport time, meal times - if applicable, etc.). This is also your opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

6. Familiarize yourself with the facility. This will help you provide directions to guests and assist with any cleanup or other tasks that may come up during your shift.

7. Maintain situational awareness. Notify the Coordinator of any concerns as soon as they are discovered.

8. Use supportive language and posturing.

9. Assist with moving chairs and tables, sweeping, mopping, general cleaning. If you see a spill - clean it up. Help out.

10. Ensure guests have a place to lay down, a space for themselves.

11. Communicate with your Coordinator if something/anything doesn't look or feel 'right'.

12. Notify the Coordinator when supplies are running low.

13. Help guests with meals, snacks, drinks as you are able.

14. Ensure equitable distribution of supplies for guests.

15. Help guests with their requests, be available.

16. Monitor guests' activities to ensure that the space and fellow guests are treated well.

17. Assist in de-escalating any problems that may arise, notify the Coordinator of any concerns as soon as they are discovered.

18. Work in a team environment with a can-do attitude with a variety of outreach workers, first responders, volunteers, and others who may come to the emergency shelter to provide assistance.

19. Practice good social distancing and best practices like frequent hand washing, disinfecting, not touching one's face, and ensuring guests with worsening coughs are transported to hotel shelter space for testing (see SAFETY MESSAGE 3).


1. Reception

a) Check if incoming guests are on the referral list. If they are not, inform them that all beds are reserved and that we cannot welcome them into the shelter at this time.

b) If guests have a referral, assign them a cot in the appropriate dorm and record their cot space.

c) Familiarize yourself with the facility in order to provide directions for guests.

d) Find help for guests that need assistance

Food and Beverage

a) Make and maintain regular supply of decaf, regular coffee, and hot water.

b) Hand out cocoa, creamer, sugar, stirrers, and cups.

c) Put out snacks and distribute meals at appropriate times.

d) Ensure that guests are maintaining social distancing while eating.

e) Feed all guests first, then staff.

Sleeping Area

a. Receive guests from reception and help them find a sleeping area

b. Give guests two blankets

c. Welcome guests and chat with them while maintaining good social distancing practices

d. Remind guests about the rules for the area you are monitoring (some spaces are for women, or quiet, etc.)

e. Remain vigilant and whenever possible address situations before they escalate. Consider re-assigning beds if necessary.