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Milwaukee Engineering - (USA) 100 Manpower Place WI Milwaukee , WI 53212



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Job Title: Hardware Design Engineer II

Minimum level of overall experience and education required for this role

- Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering or computer engineering.

- 5+ years of experience in the electrical engineering field, and comprehensive knowledge of electrical engineering principles.

- Aid in the design and testing of electrical hardware; use various design tools such as schematic capture, PLM, ALM, PSPICE simulation, Redmine, SharePoint, and Microsoft Office software; and use testing tools such as oscilloscopes, programmable power supply, digital multimeter, and ARB waveform FCN generator to test hardware functionality.

- Solid understanding of specification creation, design analysis principals, project management, circuit theory, drawing creation, and development processes.

- Knowledge of tolerance and worst-case analysis methodologies.

General tasks to be performed

Requirements Analysis, Design Calculations w/ WCCA, Schematic/BOM Circuit Design & CAD, HW-SW I/F doc, ME-HW I/F docs, VE Analysis & Implementation, HW Verification Measurements, Design for EM Compatibility, Troubleshooting, RC & CM (5-phase) Analysis.

* Generates diagrams, schematics, BOMs using circuit design software tools.

* Assists in the design of complex microcontroller unit (MCU), graphic processing unit (GPU) based systems, in addition to both volatile and non-volatile memory-based circuits with serial flash, NAND, DDR3/4, LPDDR3/4 technologies and other various SMPS circuits with varying voltage rails to support system design and component selection.

* Assist in the design of various network technologies such as LIN, CAN, MOST, Ethernet, FPDLink, and others, as well as various optical circuits/modules such as optical sensors, LEDs, and various display technologies.

* Conduct PSPICE simulations.

* Examines design feasibility, cost, and performance by performing worst case circuit analysis.

* Supports developing power sequence requirements and system design sheets (aka HW-SW I/F docs) based on customer specifications and internal design procedures.

* Assists in preparing component and sub-system level DFMEA documents. Analyzes customer validation documents, develops test plans for electrical and EMC testing, supports DVP&R document creation, and coordinates validation schedule with appropriate parties.

* Conducts vehicle level electrical functional and measurement tests, reports findings to hardware leadership and customer.

Specific skills needed including system/tool knowledge and experience level of the tool

Schematic capture, deep understanding how to execute design calculations & simulations for WCCA, use of all eng tools to do HW verification & troubleshooting, etc.