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Health and Safety

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Shelby Township, MI - (USA) 47077 Hayes Road MI Shelby Township , MI 48316


(586) 566-6950

Job Description

The position of Janitor will be to ensure all areas of the facility remain clean, sanitized, healthy, safe and environmental compliant. This will include routine cleaning activities daily, weekly and monthly. Must adhere to all health & safety, and environmental policies and procedures.

Job Tasks

* Clean and sanitize bathrooms, breakrooms, appliances including microwaves, coolers/ refrigerators, coffee pots.

* Clean and sanitize cupboard handles, doorways, door knobs, tables, chairs and all other communicable touch points throughout the facility.

* Maintain recycling as necessary.

* Sweep and mop daily.

* Operate floor scrubber/cleaner as necessary.

* Maintain stock for PPE including masks, gloves, as well as hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, paper towels, toilet paper, and cafeteria supplies.

* Empty trash on production floor, office areas and outside.

* Pick up trash in yard and along fences.

* Maintain outside picnic tables and picnic areas.

* Assist Utility and Maintenance when needed.

* Assist our Health and Safety team with training of proper sanitizing practices.

* Assist and or champion other duties as required or assigned.

Qualifications and Requirements

* A high school diploma or equivalent is preferred.

* Experience in janitorial or commercial cleaning and sanitizing practices preferred.

* Knowledge of preventing communicable diseases is desirable.

* Experience in operation of industrial equipment is preferred.

* Ability to lift up to 50+ lbs. with limited accommodations and flexible working positions.