Operating Engr (SLC)



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Salt Lake City

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Salary Range

USD25.00-30.00 per year

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Branch Information

Phoenix Engineering - (USA) 7025 North Scottsdale Road Suite 170 AZ Scottsdale , AZ 85253



Job Description

Building Operating Engineer - SALT LAKE CITY, UT.

Primary responsibility is to complete all tasks as directed by the Lead Engineer with minimum supervision and to report any condition affecting building services and tenant comfort or safety.

Specific areas of responsibility include tenant services, preventive maintenance, equipment monitoring, and general maintenance.

Responds to temperature complaints, Light and ballast replacement, Resetting breakers, Moving furniture, Hanging pictures, Bringing in deliveries, Removing packing materials, etc., Tamper valve inspection, Elevator inspection, Asbestos inspection, Generator (life/safety) load test, Cleaning induction units after-hours due to noise, PM kitchen equipment, Restroom repairs, Ceiling tile replacement,

Operates mechanical equipment (i.e. chillers, pumps, cooling towers, EMS computer, fire alarm system, etc.),

Miscellaneous (i.e. painting, repairs doors and locks, UPS tours, etc.), Determining the exact nature and scope of tenant requests by personally contacting the tenant, Assembling all tools, supplies, and instruments necessary to complete the work, Performing the work with a minimum of disruption, Conducting immediate cleanup of work area, Completing the tenant service request form describing the work done, materials used, and star/finish time, Returning tools to workshop an unused supplies to the store room, Reporting any impending supply or materials shortages to the Lead Engineer.

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE - Completing the preventive maintenance task sheet, Returning tools to workshop and unused supplies to the store room, Reporting any impending supply or materials shortages to the Lead Engineer, Advising Lead Engineer of any equipment problem.

EQUIPMENT MONITORING - Record equipment readings, setting, and status changes and noteworthy operational occurrences in appropriate logbooks.

Representative duties include: Verifying proper star-up of HVAC equipment, Checking operation of the fire pump, hot water heater, fountain, elevators, etc., Taking temperature readings on return/supply air and chilled water lines, Testing cooling tower water, Taking static pressure readings across filter banks

GENERAL MAINTENANCE - Painting and sweeping of mechanical and equipment rooms, Maintaining lighting in mechanical rooms, equipment rooms, elevators, and service and public areas, Removing snow from sidewalks and loading dock areas, Maintaining order in tool room and workshop, Recording electrical and water meter readings.

HVAC DUTIES - Make adjustments to operating HVAC equipment, Respond to trouble calls temperature complaints and life safety issues, Maintain pneumatic control systems through out building including repairs and recalibration, Assist Lead Engineer in start up and shut down of equipment as required, Assist outside contractors in major overhauls and annual inspections of mechanical equipment, Responsible for general clean up of mechanical spaces when time permits, Troubleshoot and operate direct digital control systems in the building to operate HVAC equipment while ensuring tenant comfort, Repair HVAC equipment when required and perform preventive maintenance duties on equipment, Flexibility in assuming responsibilities, which fall outside the above referenced items.