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Logistics Distribution and Supply Chain

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South San Francisco

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Up to USD20.00 per hour

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Silicon Valley, CA - (USA) 3031 Tisch Way 110 Plaza West CA San Jose , CA 95128



Job Description

* To efficiently and accurately select, check, load and stage pallets of customer orders and readies for transport. * Scan job function into labor clock * Prepare paperwork and dock area for receiving inbound products * Unload palletized products from trailers and place in receiving area * Break down and sort mixed product pallets for appropriate warehouse stocking * Stock inbound products in their proper locations, rotate stock, and restock pick slots * Place products that are sold in partial-case lots in hi-pick area * Select products per pick lists, affix labels, and arrange properly on pallets * Secure products on pallets * Retrieve loading assignments and prepare loading are for the shift * Load products onto trailers according to map instructions * Operate scanner, handle employee ID and paperwork * Obtain all paperwork, labels, pick lists, pallet maps, inbound product schedules, etc. from office * Check orders for accuracy and affix a license plate (label) to each pallet load * Utilize infrared gun to check the temperature of frozen foods * Open/close loading doors * Operate controls to raise and lower dock ramp

* Obtain pallets from stack o Waist to crown lift of 40 lbs. from a height of 72" * Transfer cased product pallet to pallet according to stock locations * Scan license plates (labels) on pallet loads to determine product location * Check and replenish stock in pick slots * Stock product racks in dry product area * Stack empty boxes on the floor at the end or the racks * Stock products in frozen product hi-pick area * Manually transfer cased product from pick slots to pallet and affix label * Transfer ice cream containers from pick slots and dry ice from dry ice bin into ice cream bags and load onto fork lift * Shrink wrap loads manually * Shrink wrap loads using shrink wrap machine * Stack pallets in trailers as needed up to 60" * Assemble bulk loaded products * Load chemicals from pallet to trailer floor * \Manually transfer/position and install loadlock into place where needed * Manually transfer/position bulkheads where needed * Operate end control rider pallet truck (PE), slip sheeter, counterbalanced sit-down rider truck, MTC battery changer/pallet truck, narrow/aisle stand-up rider lift truck (RR) while wearing fall protection, counterbalanced stockpicker truck, rider pallet truck (center-control) * Previous pallet jack and warehouse experience preferred * Previous experience working in a labor intensive environment preferred * High school diploma or equivalency preferred