Production (Assembly) Technicians (2nd/3rd Shift)


Manufacturing and Production

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Orlando, FL - North - (USA) 445 West State Road 436 Suite 1013 FL Altamonte Springs , FL 32701



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This position follows established procedures and guidelines to form a variety of simple, manual tasks that are part of a production process. Duties may include loading materials into production machines, remove, pack, and sort raw materials, or finished products. Specific functions performed at this level may include pre-vibe operator, foam router operator (for generator / transformer pads), and strike off table operator (troweler), off line demolder, and scrape/patch pad duties. Position may also collect, and dispose of garbage and production waste according to the organization's waste removal and recycling policies to keep the work area safe and (under 5s/3s protocol).


Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

 Pre-vibe duties for concrete pad production include spreading the concrete out once it is (dispersed into mold) on the pre-vibe table, placing the rebar into the pan, and placing the foam into the mold.

 Strike off (troweler) duties consist of assisting the controller to ensure mud is filled in properly and that wires are not sticking out. The operator uses a trowel to ensure mud is filled and corners are clean and crisp. This function is performed on the opposite side of table from control operator.

 Scrape and Patch duties include watching the line for finished products and repairing any small hair line cracks or bug holes by scraping, filling in, and smoothing out any imperfections and troweling for a clean finish. Will also place labels on the finished pads.

 Foam router duties for transformer & generator pads include using machinery to accurately cut foam to the desired specifications.

 Basic production operator duties may include inserting bolts, clips and other inserts as needed, when pads are removed from molds, based on which type of pad is being produced.

 Apply labels on stack and stretch wrap product for inventory.

 Keep all work areas neat and clean, ensuring no safety hazards exist in work area

 Ability to operate multiple CNC machines and conduct cycle counts of raw material.

 Additional duties as assigned by management.


Must be able to work in a fast paced, high volume environment, and have a strong attention to detail. Must be able to work in a team environment and have the ability to make reasonable decisions. No prior experience is necessary. No specific educational or trade school requirements. High school graduate preferred but not required.