Ridgetop Resident Manager


Real Estate and Property

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Up to USD50000.00 per year

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Hackensack, NJ - (USA) 505 Main St NJ Hackensack , NJ 07601



Job Description

Job Summary:

The Resident Manager is the primary caretaker of our residential building(s) and is responsible for the general maintenance as well as repairs of the building(s) assigned. Must perform basic electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and heating and air conditioning work as well as general carpentry to maintain the interior and exterior of the building(s). They must oversee the day-today operations and personally handling all preventative and open maintenance items with regard to preserving the cleanliness, well being and security of the building, fielding and resolving tenant complaints, troubleshooting and performing repairs, creating and adhering to a proactive maintenance routine and responding to occasional emergency calls after regular hours.


* Meet with the prospective tenant and take them on tour of the community, apartment(s), and facilities.

* Complete all required paperwork with new residents and collect security deposits.

* Orient new residents to the building grounds, facilities, and amenities within the complex.

* Maintains property by investigating and resolving daily complaints and maintenance issues, inspecting vacant units and scheduling repairs.

* Performs or oversees preventative and routine maintenance of building systems.

* Maintains property to ensure the building grounds and common areas are clean and in a safe condition.

* Inspect the building(s) grounds, facilities, and equipment to determine if repairs or maintenance is needed and comply with state and federal safety standards.

* Schedule unit inspections with residents as a result of move in/move outs, complaints, lease violations and evictions.

* Responds to tenant requests for repairs and keeps adequate documentation of completed work.

* Ensures that garbage and recycled items are placed for pick up at the appropriate times and in the proper manner.

* Coordinate required inspections for annual renewals, certificate of occupancy's, or construction related inspections.

* Conducts inspections for lease violations and informs residents of compliance issues.

* Monitor use of community facilities, including parking lot, garbage room, garages, laundry, mail room, and fitness centers.

* Keeps entrances, walkways and stairways clear of ice, snow, and debris.

* Delivers notifications, leases and addenda, renewal letters, eviction notices to residents.

* Maintains inspection logs for sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and other building systems as required by state and federal law.

* Responds to emergency calls and work orders submitted by residents in an efficient and timely manner.

* Submits purchase orders for all maintenance supplies and keeps adequate inventory of all materials needed on site.

* Responsible for training other employees in the operations and performance of tools, equipment, and related devices.

Required Skills/Abilities:

* Must have strong problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.

* Has the ability to perform basic repairs in electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems.

* Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills to interact with residents, associate contractors, and organizational, scheduling skills with strict attention to detail.

* Must be proficient at safely using tools associated with the job.

* Has knowledge of building codes and safety standards set forth by state and federal governments.

* Must have a valid driver's license.

* Must be able to pass a criminal background check.