Thrifting Lovers! 15/hr Clothing Sorter



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Up to USD15.00/hr

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Boise, ID - (USA) 1109 West Main Street Suite 230 ID Boise , ID 83702



Job Description

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Customer Engagement: Provides customers with fast, friendly, and helpful service. Answers customers' questions or takes the responsibility to find answers for customers. Makes eye contact, smiles, and proactively greets and assists customers on the sales floor.

Maintaining Production Room: Supplies merchandise to all departments throughout the day, keeping production flowing. Moves sorted merchandise from the sorting tables to individual workstations. Provides an ample supply of hangers for the sorting table and side departments. Empties recycle and trash barrels as needed. Moves backstock boxes, bins and barrels as needed. Prepares the production room for the following day

Recycling Responsibilities: Pays close attention to items placed in the dumpster/compactor to determine if they are sellable or can be recycled. Has access to current recycling requirements. Reports any items found to the management team member.

Unloading Trucks: Assists in daily unloading of merchandise delivery. Loads boxes and bags onto receiving carts and moves carts to the storage area. Keeps an accurate account of merchandise transferred between areas.

Maintaining Cleanliness: Maintains total cleanliness throughout the outside and inside of the store. The extent of this task varies at each store. Includes, but is not limited to sweeping floors, emptying trash, cleaning up breakage and spills and keeping the back dock area clean. May operate a trash compacting unit.

Operating Baler: Collects and loads all recycled items and loads them into the baler. May be required to operate the baler, unload bales from the machine, and move bales to the storage area. May include operation of an electric forklift and/or pallet jack.

Transferring Merchandise: Moves and transfers merchandise from trucks and trailers to outbound containers or receiving areas when necessary. Keeps an accurate account of all merchandise that has been transferred. May operate a forklift, electric pallet jack or other equipment to assist with movement of merchandise.

Workstation: Maintains cleanliness and organization of the Recycler workstation for safety and the most efficient production possible.

Meeting Targets: Regularly meets processing targets as assigned by production manager.

Loss Prevention: Follows loss prevention procedures, including but not limited to reporting internal or external theft to a management team member.

Safety: Provides our customers and team members with a hazard-free, inviting environment by following safety guidelines and procedures. This includes picking up loose items on the floor quickly, cleaning up breakages or spills, following product safety guidelines, and taking the responsibility to report these or any other hazard or injury to a management team member. Wears required personal protective equipment when applicable.

Mandatory Traits and Requirements:

1.Ability to read and write.

2.Customer service skills requiring courtesy and good communication skills.

3.Ability to concentrate and pay close attention to detail.

4.Excellent eye-hand coordination for the operation of machinery.

Educational Skills: Ability to perform basic math calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, averages and measurements) at the level normally required in high school.