Reducing risk in the leadership pipeline

Client Industry



Key people were retiring, leaving the organization with a huge gap in talent. Also, the culture that emerged from years of focusing on strategy execution had stifled innovation and creativity. The organization was desperate to identify high potential talent in the ranks to drive succession planning for the future and ensure they had the ability to address new issues.


In collaboration with the client, Right Management designed an assessment program that widened the potential talent pool to include all employees within the organization, a process that helped uncover “hidden gems” within the organization. Key elements included:

Right Management also provided managers with the training to interpret these reports including guidance on handling the stressors associated with providing feedback to others. Tools included a High Potential Assessment Interpretation Guide, which included tips for providing constructive feedback, a description of each tool, and guidelines on how scores are calculated and interpreted.

In addition, Right Management provided high-level analysis of findings for each manager and each functional group. This data furthered the organization’s succession planning by enabling leaders to identify talent gaps as well as groups within the organization rich with high-potential managers.


With help from Right Management, this major insurance company now has an objective and standardized high potential assessment process in place. Also, it has invaluable and comprehensive benchmark data available.