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Silicon Valley, CA - (USA) 2960 Stevens Creek Blvd CA San Jose , CA - 95128 Phone : 408-241-4900



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Rack Builder & Warehouse Team Member Position
* Utilize various hand tools and power tools
* Work with building materials such as wood, framing and metal shelving, paint/stains
* Join materials with nails, screw, staples or adhesives
* Test shelving to ensure proper fit and ability to manipulate
* Maintain the rack and ship areas in an organized and clean environment
* Conduct a weekly count of supplies (both material for racks and material for tools) and maintain a minimum inventory of supplies established by management
* Follow rack building and shipping schedule
* Pack shelves and signs for shipment
* Move products around with a forklift safely
* Secure all tools and keep a log of any requests for the use of those tools
* Build a rack within 4 hours of labor
* Build accurately to specifications with no errors
* Racks are built professionally
* Excellent workplace safety practices including the safety of others in the work area
* Reliable attendance
* Follow rack building directions and consistently meet deadlines
* Communicate progress and any issues to management promptly. Inform management when there is time to perform other duties
* Ensure that all tools are in good working order
* Racks and signs are packed to prevent any breakage
* Carry walkie-talkie at all times during work hours
* Maintain a positive attitude and be a strong team player. Lead by example - professional demeanor at all times
* Ability to multi-task and perform other duties as assigned
* Minimum 1 year experience in carpentry
* Minimum 1 year experience in warehouse environment
* Lift up to 60 lbs. unassisted
* Ability to measure, adjust or cut wooden and metal frames with precision
* Strong attention to detail
* High School diploma or GED preferred