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Silicon Valley, CA - (USA) 2960 Stevens Creek Blvd CA San Jose , CA - 95128 Phone : 408-241-4900



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Shipping Receiving Clerk Job Description

* Receive incoming shipments and compare items to work orders provided by supervisor

* Count items to ensure that the correct number have been received

* Determine storage areas for incoming shipments and allocate appropriate space within the warehouse

* Assist in physically moving incoming items to designated storage areas and supervise storage activities

* Look through work orders to determine order picking activities and pick orders according to the specific instructions provided

* Match order information in order cards with information on picked items to ensure conformity

* Operate forklifts to pick heavy boxes and transport them to checking areas

* Ascertain the quality and quantity of picked items and ensure that they are safely delivered to the delivery pallet

* Assist in loading and unloading trucks and determining safe ways of stacking items on the truck and retrieving items in a safe manner

* Record damaged or defective items and replace them according to company policies

* Handle returns and exchanges by ensuring that reverse distribution processes are followed properly

* Ascertain that all incoming and outgoing shipments are properly labeled and that correlating documents are available with each shipment

* Select the method of consignment utilizing knowledge of shipping procedures, routes, and rates

* Arrange for a carrier vehicle or pickup

* Compare the amount and identification numbers of goods against orders

* Post weight and shipment charges

* Maintain files of shipping records

* Trace missing or lost shipments

* Assemble wood and cardboard containers or pick pre-assembled containers

* Route products to departments

* Attach identifying information and delivery instructions on containers

* Organize records of goods shipped