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Production Mixer


Manufacturing and Production

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Minneapolis, MN - Metro - (USA) 222 S 9th St Suite 290 MN Minneapolis , MN - 55402 Phone : 612-375-9200



Job Description

Key Responsibilities & Essential Functions

* Accurately record and document ingredient usage

* Ensure correct ingredients and quantities are being used

* Follow established recipes as directed

* Correctly report all relevant data on the mixer reports, such as the finished temperature of the dough

* Must remove bowls from mixer and deliver to designated area

* Must retrieve bowls from designated area and return to mixers

* Must inform operator of any problems you might have with dough formulation or machine problems

* Return any unused raw ingredients that other shift will not be using to assigned area

* Work with the line operators on any special project that may arise

* Second shift mixer must scrape mixer of dried dough at end of shift

General Responsibilities

* Keep work area clean and orderly

* Maintain compliance with established policies and procedures

* Resolve problems by analyzing data, investigating issues, identifying solutions and recommending action

* Ensure operation of equipment by calling for repairs and communicating with the maintenance team

* Communicate effectively with team members from other shifts to ensure clarity and continuity

* Actively participate in Food Safety and Food defense related activities

* Perform additional duties as directed

Education & Experience

* High school graduate or equivalent

Specific Competencies

* Ability to lift 50 pound shortening boxes to a height of 4 feet.

* Ability to pull / push a bowl containing 500 + pounds of dough

* Consistently mix a good product with attention to quality

* Accurately measure ingredients