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Material Handler


Logistics Distribution and Supply Chain

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Manpower CORE 100 Manpower Place , WI - 53212 Phone : 414-982-1960



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Job Title: Materials Handler


High School Diploma or equivalent.Three years of material handling and inventory control experience. Previous experience working with a computerized, perpetual inventory management system. Basic computer skills, (e.g., Microsoft Office, especially in excel). Knowledge of perpetual inventory management system. Attention to detail. Good verbal and written communication skills. Ability to operate warehouse related equipment. Ability to lift up to 50 lbs. Ability to climb a ladder. Valid driver's license.

Position Summary:

The Tyco Integrated Security Material Handler will work within a warehouse in a designated Sales & Service Office (SSO) and will be responsible for timely and cost-effectively ordering supplies, receipt and stocking of inventory, and shipping of SSO inventory.

The Material Handler ensures the security and accountability of inventory by documenting transactions using computer-based systems such as Oracle and Perpetual Inventory, processes transactions in accordance with procedures established by Tyco Integrated Security and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) guidelines, and periodically conducts physical inventories and system reviews.

Duties and Responsibilities:

* Completes online orders for hardware, cable, and other miscellaneous items as required for the Sales & Service Office (SSO) for the Service and Installation departments and processes purchase orders to maintain the inventory levels in the SSO warehouse.

* Ensures that the local SSO warehouse is a safe, organized, and secure facility and takes immediate corrective action necessary to regain compliance when defaults are found.

* On a daily basis, uses the Perpetual Inventory functionality to document transactions on equipment to and from various sub-inventories assuring that the physical inventory and the "booked" inventory in the system match and investigates and resolves any discrepancies.

* Pulls and issues hardware as required for installation and service jobs as required.

* Replenishes truck stock for each fleet vehicle and moves material from shipping/distribution trucks into the warehouse.

* Opens shipments and verifies parts ordered, unpacks, removes, and reconciles items for each department, and tracks and forwards receipt for materials purchased to Accounts.

* Identifies shelf locators to be entered into the Perpetual Inventory system and stocks all warehouse shelves in accordance with established static stock and hardware guidelines.

* Delivers incoming material not assigned to the warehouse to its proper destination and ensures that the inventory is properly documented into the appropriate sub-inventory.

* Maintains product knowledge for items in stock and answers technical questions related to the work order, its number, and equipment needed.

* Examines equipment returned from canceled accounts to determine if the equipment should be repaired, replaced under warranty, returned to manufacturers for credit, or disposed of within

* Perpetual Inventory and Sarbanes-Oxley guidelines.

* Maintains control logs and copies of all invoice transactions for material procurement and material handling as per federal, state, and local regulations.

* Performs other duties as assigned.