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Up to USD18.00/hr

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Dover, DE - (USA) 100 Manpower Place WI Milwaukee , WI 53212

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Bring your Professional Manufacturing skills and Enjoy a Career with a Global Organization.

Machine Operator:

Primary responsibility is to oversee basic operation of the Fitment Applicator & Bulk Feeders for Lines 21, 22,23, & 24, unless directed to Lines 25/26 for non-routine production needs.

*Responsibilities Include:

oBasic Troubleshooting and restart FA and bulk feeder from stops for the following faults (may require AMEC LOTO):

Clear bulk feeder jams (requires AMEC LOTO) and reset machine

Fitment Jams at Out feed (clear and restart)

Fitment Jams at Reject (clear and restart)

Fitment Lid Magazine Empty (fill and restart)

Fitment Continuous Pack reject (from Robot freezing, restart)

Fitment Lid glued on reject belt (clean and restart)

Other similar faults that require basic troubleshooting

oIf basic troubleshooting and restart of Fitment applicator accrues 3 or more stops or 10minutes or alert P&G technician/ team leader via P&G owned radio

oAlert P&G technician for other issues including but not limited too high rejects and stops that require additional troubleshooting.

oMaintain written log of stops and stops recovery details to be provided to P&G team leader by end of their shift (in order to transcribe to Proficy)

oMaintain communication with Manpower supervisor on lid loading needs/performance

oRefill Fitment Applicator glue pot

oAttend P&G shiftly team meetings

oExecute RLS of bulkfeeder during all planned stops

oManage bulk-feeder run to empty planning and execution ahead of brand changes

oEmpty bulk feeder and complete line clearance for brand change (needs to be verified by P&G)

oComplete quality decision on fitment rejects to either scrap or "rework", i.e. re-run through fitment applicator or place on conveyor for packing, Note: Needs to be trained and task qualified by P&G QA

oComplete shiftily CL checks to be provided to P&G team leader by end of their shift (in order to transcribe to Proficy) or end of FA production run, whichever comes sooner

oMaintain standards for fitment surrounding work area housekeeping (sweeping, clutter management, etc)

oManage break coverage with P&G team leader

oReport any obvious equipment defects to P&G team leader

Rotating Schedule. Required to work Overtime if needed.

Flexible schedule is required due to the change in production runs.

All applicants must:

Must have 1 year experience in a manufacturing/production

Must be able to pass a background check and a drug test

High School Diploma or GED

Steel toed shoes required.