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Silicon Valley, CA - (USA) 2960 Stevens Creek Blvd CA San Jose , CA - 95128 Phone : 408-241-4900



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Objective/Goal: With regard to the Tire Leasing on-site service operation, to ensure that the correct tools and methods are used to perform efficient, quality assured tire service, in order to satisfy the Customer and contribute to the success and profitability of the Lease


1. Fully understand of the operational procedures defined for the Lease and ensure that all work is completed in line with these procedures

2. Completion of tire service, in line with the operational procedures

3. Completion of mechanical checks, in line with the operational procedures

4. Take proper care of and perform proper maintenance on all tools and equipment, in line with the operational procedures

5. Provide quality assured data about tire and vehicle activities to the Service Lead Person and/or the Service Supervisor, in line with the operational procedures


List of Principal Activities: All to be completed in line with the operational procedures:

1. Tire Handling: Loading, unloading, stacking, movement, etc. of tires

2. Vehicle Operation: Safe operation of vehicles, if required by contract

3. Vehicle Inspections: Inspections of tires on vehicles to identify tire service that is required

4. Fitment and Removal: Fitment and removal/rotation of tire/wheel assemblies to/from vehicles

5. Torquing: Torque and re-torque of tires

6. Mounting and Dismounting: Mounting and dismounting tires to/from rims

7. Wheel Servicing: Checking rims for defects (cracks, worn bolt holes, etc.) and preparing rims for mounting

8. Wheel Balancing: Wheel balancing of tire/wheel assemblies

9. Air Pressure: Checking for correct air pressures of tires both on and off vehicles and inflation/deflation of tires as required

10. Nail Hole Repairs: Perform nail hole repairs on tires

11. Regrooving: Regrooving of tires

12. Tire Damage: Checking tire wear for indications of irregular wear/damage (curbing, puncture, etc.) and replacement/rotation of these tires where required

13. Alignment Advice: Checking tire wear for indications of irregular wear and advising of possible alignment issues

14. Checking Lugs & Lug Nuts: Checking for loose or missing lugs and lug nuts and re-torquing or replacing them where required

15. Checking Valve Caps: Checking for missing valve caps (metal or flow thru dependant on the Lease) and tightening or replacing them where required

16. Tools & Equipment Maintenance: Ensuring that tools are properly maintained and stored at the end of each shift

17. Provision of Data: Accurate, complete and legible documentation of all tire and vehicle activities completed. Providing this to the Service Lead Person and/or the Service Supervisor in the correct format and a timely manner