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Logistics Distribution and Supply Chain

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Up to USD11.00/hr

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Branch Information

Cincinnati, OH - N. Kentucky - (USA) 8743 Union Centre Boulevard OH West Chester , OH - 45069 Phone : 513-772-2220



Job Description

Will rotate between the Re-Work, Tote, Sanitation and Bulk Tote area in Packaging Department.

A bulk packer is responsible for taking flat thick cardboard boxes (~ weight 45 lbs) and folding them into a usable tote. The bulk packer will tape the tote closed then tape a slip sheet to the bottom of the tote. A large heavy weight plastic liner is placed inside the tote. The totes are placed on a conveyor to be filled with product. Once filled the tote moves to 2 bulk packers who are standing on a platform. These bulk packers will twist the inner bag and put a blue plastic tie on it. The lid is then placed on top and a heavy duty plastic band is placed around the top and secured tightly with a bander. A label is applied and the box is then forward to the next cover for eventual pick-up.

Job Duties:

* Know the operation of the Wonderware screen to be able to follow product flow.

* Know the operation of the bulk station to adequately reset alarms.

* Climb 6-7 foot ladder to complete metal detector checks (occasionally 3-5 times/shift).

* Need to be able to bend, twist, stand and reach with outstretched arms - continuously - 5 - 8 hrs/day

* Operate Air wands

* Operate plant vacuum system

* Use brooms

* Operate trash compactor

* Dump trash carts (25 - 100 lbs occasionally (0 - 2 ½ hrs/day)).

* Know allergen color-coding, areas, procedures, and tools.

* Know wheat allergen procedures for cleaning.

* Procedure for cleaning the floor

* Use stairs, man lift and elevator to move equipment between floors

* Must be able to lift 50 lbs

* Must be able to bend and twist to make-up bulk boxes.

* Provide good communication to Team Leader if out of product

* Notify and follow-up with the appropriate personnel when equipment is malfunctioning.

* Participate in Continuous Improvement activities.

* Any other duties as required.