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Saint Louis, MO - (USA) 622 Emerson Road Suite 110 MO Creve Coeur , MO - 63141 Phone : 314-721-2152



Job Description

1. Manage the flow of information, goods, and services to and from equipment suppliers in connection with purchase orders for capital projects.

2. Develop relationships with suppliers and clients to promote the availability of supplier resources to meet and exceed project needs.

3. Notify the Manager of Engineering Procurement (MEP) of pending issues with suppliers relating to deliverable performance and other requests from clients (both internal and external).

4. Provide expediting for select critical delivery of requirements in support of engineered projects.

Primary Responsibilities:

-Monitor supplier deliverables and report on project procurement status (via weekly status reports) to MEP and Project Management.

-Expedite all purchase order deliverables. Proactively involve suppliers to understand and address the order entry, procurement, engineering, manufacturing, shipping, and packaging in a timely manner.

- Notify MEP of potential problems that could delay or jeopardize project schedules.

-Distribute copies of transmittals, correspondence, and supplier acknowledgments, carefully checking for accuracy, completeness and correctness. Input and maintain records in the Procurement status-reporting database.

-Follow and maintain file on Bid Requests and advise MEP and Purchasing Agents as required.

-Maintain and Procurement E-mail Address for correspondence from Suppliers, Field Personnel and others.

Basic Qualifications:

Minimum of five (5) years of related engineering, purchasing or expediting experience.

2. Strong mechanical aptitude and knowledge of engineering terminology.

3. Must be dedicated to a program of continuing education and on-the-job training.

4. Must be able to work independently and possess good interpersonal skills.

5. Must be able to handle numerous technical, commercial, and administrative skills.

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