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Lawrenceville, GA - (USA) 1745 North Brown Road Suite 110 GA Lawrenceville , GA - 30043 Phone : 770-338-2305



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This is a list of expectations that are to be used as a reference to some critical aspects of a Sidel Packers position. This list is not and should not be considered "all inclusive" as it is impossible to list every detail of position to be successful it is imperative that the expectations are met or exceeded.

* Sweep and mop floor in front of, behind, and in between machines

* Pick up and replace soaked oil mats and socks from around machines

* Empty all trash cans (small and large) prior to the end of shift

* Prepare supplies for incoming shift as required

* Label and band complete skids from the Sidel machine

* Update the preform dump log

* Dump preforms into the hopper

* Make sure all doors to your machine and downstream equipment remains shut at all times

* Keep inside of machine and floor around machine clear of all loose preforms, bottles, and debri

* Inspect bottles as they are coming down conveyor and being stacked on Delta for quality concerns

* Complete hourly quality check when technician is not able and document accordingly

* Listen for machine alarms and alert technician accordingly

* During changeovers and other scheduled and unscheduled downtime- first clean machine then clean common areas (breakrooms, bathrooms and reception area)

* Follow all safety protocol including wearing of proper PPE

* During scheduled or unscheduled downtime check with QA to see if there is any product that needs to be reselected

* Ensure that every bottle going on the pallet is of the best quality

* Maintain a clean work area at all times

* Make sure technicians are aware of any issues with your machine or Delta

* You may not go to the parking lot during shift.

Pack or package by hand a wide variety of products and materials.