Tarping Trucks


Logistics Distribution and Supply Chain

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Up to USD10.50/hr

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Oxford, NC - (USA) 112 Broad Street NC Oxford , NC - 27565 Phone : 919-693-6150



Job Description

-Loaders will perform a walk around inspection prior to loading. Loaders will remain clear of the loading process until complete unless called upon by plant employees to assist.

-Loaders who climb upon the trailer or load must use fall restraints if supplied. The harnesses will be worn properly and secure.

-Loaders will apply poly as needed over the entire top of the load. Poly must be secured so it will not be displaced while the tarp is being put on the load.

-Loaders will cover the load with a tarp(s) in good repair. The rear tarp always going on first followed by the front tarp. Any tarp in disrepair must be removed and replaced by a good tarp.

-After the load is tarped, first secure the rear and front corners of the tarp followed by securing the remainder of the tarp with a minimum of one tie down (rope or bungee) for each D-Ring.

-Secure each load with a minimum of two straps per section. Apply corner protectors if applicable. Straps must be in good repair and secured in a manner as to secure the load without damage.

-Loaders will perform a final walk around inspection to assure the trailer, cargo and straps are in good order and placed properly.