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Silicon Valley, CA - (USA) 2880 Zanker Road Suite 101 CA San Jose , CA 95134

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-No driving is allowed for our "contingent" associates on assignment.

-No operation of forklift, baler or industrial shredders allowed.

-No use of ladder or rooftop access allowed.

-If associate needs to lift anything over 40 LBS, we require them to practice safe lifting & ask for assistance.

Pay rate based on experience: $22.00 / hour minimum

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

*Assist in the physical racking and cabling of server equipment into

industrial server cabinets.

*This starts with the inspection and mechanical set-up of the cabinets, and finishes with the final inspection of a populated and dressed server cabinet, possibly including assisting in the

delivery of the cabinet to the customer site.

*System integration prior to racking is not a required skill.

*Includes the following essential duties and responsibilities (other duties may also be assigned):

*Follows detailed written or verbal instructions, including visual aids.

*Assembly/Testing and Troubleshoot servers

*Follow supervisor's instruction and testing procedures

Required Job: Physical Layer Technician:

*Good mechanical aptitude with experience using basic hand tools.

*Good 2 way communication skills, both in understanding verbal instructions

from a supervisor and reporting back any problems found during the

performance of job duties.

*High attention to detail, with the understanding that all requested tasks

are vital, regardless of perceived importance.

*Previous cable labeling, routing and bundling experience related to server

cabinet builds with multiple network bundles and in-rack power distribution.

*Self-motivated, multi-task team player

*Must be able and willing to lift light to moderate weights unassisted, and

moderate to heavy weights with assistance.

*Familiar with racking basic servers from SuperMicro, Intel, HP, Dell, IBM

*Familiar with racking Cisco, Arista, Juniper, Dell equipment

*Familiar with racking Servertech, APC equipment


*High school diploma required, college degree preferred.

*Minimum 1-3 years in electronic or computer industry.

*Prior experience with computer assembly a plus.

*Must be able to read and understand assembly instructions, production orders and all other documentation used to control processes.

*Ability to lift up to 50 lbs

*Basic understanding of the English language

Basic computer skills

*Quick learner and self-starter

*Occasional over-time and weekend