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Up to USD13.53/hr

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Nacogdoches, TX - (USA) 531 E. Main TX Nacogdoches , TX 75961

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Please contact Manpower directly at 936-559-1220


The Extruder Operator is responsible for the safe and proper use of the extruders used to manufacture pet food. The Extruder Operator has responsibility for the extrusion, drying, and any other functions related to the processing of the product at that stage.


* Reports to the Shift supervisor.

* Following a production schedule.

* Operates all equipment related to extrusion process in a safe and efficient manner.

* Follows all employee safety guidelines.

* Follows all quality assurance guidelines.

* Follows all food safety guidelines.

* Perform sanitation duties as assigned.

* Perform maintenance duties as assigned.

* Follow and perform all MSOP's related to the extrusion and drying process.

* Complete properly all required documents for the extrusion process.

* Be able to analyze extrusion problems and make adjustments to correct program.

* Be trained and fully qualified in the FSM and HACCP food safety program.


To act within established limits. A vacancy in this position will be covered by an employee that is completely cross-trained in all aspects of the extruder operator position or it will be covered with overtime. Employee will have knowledge and be trained in the FSM and HACCP. Plant Management will be available for guidance and assistance with any issues that arise that are out of the extruder operators are of expertise.


* Good finger and manual dexterity.

* Good hand-eye coordination.

* Ability to lift heavy objects repeatedly throughout the day. Lifting weight could be up to 100 pounds.

* Must be able to climb ladders.

* Able to work in elevated positions and in high places.

* Must be able to drive a fork-lift.


* Work calmly in stressful situations.

* React to process changes quickly.

* Good math and reading skills.

* Ability to work with Shift Supervisor, Control Room Operator, and Maintenance personnel.

* Ability to work unsupervised.

* Good troubleshooting skills.

* Working knowledge of the FSM and HACCP food safety program.


Employees in this position must be able to work under the following conditions:

* Dusty conditions that may require a respirator.

* Noisy conditions that require ear protection.

* Continuous standing on concrete floor that may be wet for long periods of time.

* Continuous work in a hot environment and hot equipment.