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Hazleton, PA - (USA) 1201 North Church Street Suite 309B PA Hazle Township , PA 18202

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I. Purpose

To assist Press Operator in the set up of the Press Machine as well as observe and maintain proper running of the Press to apply images to polyethylene film for a quality customer approved printed film.

II. Duties:

Task 1: Job Change

(Job changes potentially occur approx. every 1-12 hours. However, a roll change occurs approximately every 45-50 minutes throughout the job order, with the exception of the 10 color press, occurring every 9 minutes. The average yard per roll is 8,400 yds. Printing 440-1200 feet per minute. (Note: yardage varies by gauge. Usually gauge run is 1.25 mil.))

* Utilizing a hoist, load cart with new roll. (Approximately weight of 380-500 pounds, requires 56 pounds of force to push.) (An empty loading cart weighs 166 pounds and requires 17 pounds of force to push. Cart measures 38" to handle, 28" wide and is a concave design.)

* Assist Operator with installation of plate cylinders and/or Anilox rollers with the use of a pneumatic hoist during set-up of Press machine.

* Remove chuck from finished roll and insert it into the new roll on loading cart. (Chuck with core weighs 48 pounds.)

* Transport pallets with pallet cart 10 feet from press to conveyor belt. (Pallet cart is 37" to handle and handle width is 14". Cart requires 14 pounds of force to push when empty, 17.5 pounds of force for foot pedal operation and 7 pounds of force to release handle.)

* Place shaft in roll and load onto conveyor belt with overhead hoist. (Shaft weighs 6 pounds.)

* Take new roll to the back of the press. Using overhead hoist guide roll and load onto machine.

* Remove waste from core. Unlock shaft and unload onto cart using overhead lift. May need to transport core to rewind and load core onto rewind using control buttons.

* May have to use sledge hammer (weighs 5 pounds) to pound chuck into core.

* Use air hose to secure the chuck in the new core.

* Note, in addition to the pallet cart, a pallet jack may be utilized to retrieve and/or move materials as required.

Ink and Adjustment Job Change

* Change ink buckets/pans.

* Keep ink hoses and cylinders/ink pans full.

* Transport old cylinders to storage area with a cart and pick up new cylinders for next job. (The cylinder transport cart requires 40-65 pounds of force to push with 5-8 cylinders on it.)

* Pump ink into press from 55-gallon drums using the air pump. (Air pump weighs 9 pounds.)

* Make hand adjustments for plate pressure. View job after each adjustment (Viewer is set at 65" eye height.)

* Place ink hoods back into place before starting the press for the next job.

* Splice old roll and tape to new one to feed new roll through press machine.

* Assist operator with set up operations and maintaining running of machine.

* Will need to climb stationary ladders with hand rails that are attached to different platforms of the machine during this process. Also, at times, a rolling ladder may be used with hand rails. (Press ladders vary from approx. 5-8 steps.) At times, you may be at least 20'-30' high, standing on various platforms of the machine.

1. Requirements

* High school diploma or GED.

* Manufacturing experience preferred, but not required.

* Basic computer skills.

* Ability to work with and interact effectively and professionally with coworkers in a team environment.

* Read a measuring tape/ruler.

* Good math skills including fractions, measurements, percentages.

* Must be able to read, understand, and stay current with all department work instructions and procedures.

* Good organizational skills.