Human Age 2.0: Future Forces at Work

The new age of work will require a new playbook and employers will need the agility and talent to succeed in the reconfigured labour market. Human Age 2.0: Future Forces at Work offers valuable insights on how organizations can best navigate the changing world of work.

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Human Age 2.0: Future Forces at Work

The world of work has entered a new era that we call the Human Age, in which talent overtakes capital as the key economic differentiator. As outlined ManpowerGroup’s report Human Age 2.0: Future Forces at Work, the Human Age is driven primarily by four global forces – greater individual choice, the rise of customer sophistication, shifting demographics and the ongoing technological revolution. Read the report here.

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New Ways of Working are Emerging, Yet Inequality and the Skills Gap are Widening

ManpowerGroup calls for new thinking in the labour market to capitalise on opportunities created by technological disruption and to address polarisation of the workforce

AUSTRALIA: 21 January 2016 – The polarisation of the labour market is widening according to ManpowerGroup (NYSE: MAN) in its report published today: Human Age 2.0: Future Forces at Work. A perfect storm of structural and cyclical forces, from shifting demographics to rapid globalisation and technological revolutions, coupled with a highly uncertain business environment, is knocking labour markets out of sync. The result: High unemployment alongside unfilled jobs, rising productivity with stagnant wages, and economic recovery with declining upward mobility for many. The skills of the workforce are out of pace with business needs.

Bridget Beattie, Executive Vice President Asia Pacific Middle East at Right Management said, “In this time of certain uncertainty, a new world of work is emerging. Only those organisations with the agility and talent to adapt and capitalise on these new conditions will remain competitive. That is why having the right talent at the right time is more crucial to businesses than ever before. However, the shifting demographics and dynamics of the workforce, the growing power of employees, and the impact technology has had on the world of work is challenging even the most tried and tested talent management strategies of the past. In the Human Age 2.0, organisations need a different approach to workforce strategy if they are to win the talent war.”

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