Career Development for Colleges & Universities

Empower Students with Career Savvy Skills

To prepare students for workplace success, colleges and universities are under increased pressure to enable students with meaningful career services. But staffing and budgets are slim in many programs. Here are four ways Right Management can help:

  • Professional assessment tools — Students receive guidance on identifying strengths, priorities, ideal work environment, and other attributes critical to taking the next step.
  • Experienced coaches & Career Advisors — With coverage and expertise that can flex up or down depending on your needs.
  • Interview prep — Students interact online with a virtual interviewer, record their performance, and get feedback from a career services expert.
  • Career readiness services — The ability to translate educational knowledge into a professional setting is crucial. Students will learn critical skills that will prepare them to be successful in the workplace after they graduate.

That’s just a start. By partnering with Right Management for Career Development services, colleges and universities can be better positioned to meet the needs of students, grow enrollment, and enhance their brand. Let us show you how.

AT A GLANCE: Career development services for colleges and universities

Advanced Degree Services

Empower your graduate students to thrive in the workplace with an advanced degree program that delivers career success now — and in the future.

Our career development services combine coaching, tools, and online learning resources to help graduate students map their careers, make connections and get the skills they need to realize a return on their educational investment, experience, and knowledge.

Research overwhelmingly shows that today’s graduates are unprepared for the workplace.

Right Management can strengthen the career services you already have in place to enhance their impact. Our services combine coaching, tools and learning resources to help students map their careers, make connections and enter the workforce with the skills to quickly become productive in meaningful employment. We deliver:

Innovative Tools & Assessments

Assess strengths and preferences to guide students toward career paths that align with their individual skills and life goals.

Career Coaches

Leverage the expertise of our extensive network of career coaches and career advisors to help students set goals and align current coursework with desired career paths.

Personal Branding Resources

Empower students to differentiate themselves, learn to network and effectively market their skills and capabilities to further career options.

Expert Insights on Career and Leadership Development

Our expert insights on the job market and future work trends will help ensure your graduates have the career and leadership insight they need to be successful.

Your students—and your institution—will benefit from our career development services.

  • Students begin shaping their professional journeys earlier, based on professional insights and enhanced self-awareness.
  • Students are better prepared to market their skills to employers, and translate new learnings into workplace success.
  • With a focus on real-world career and workforce skill-building, your program will build a reputation for producing high performing graduates.
  • Your advanced degree programs will provide even more educational value by equipping graduate students with the professional competencies they’ll need to make a meaningful impact in their current (and future) workplace.

With today’s employers expecting employees to make a meaningful impact, it is more critical than ever to help graduates acquire sought-after skills such as communication, decision-making, self-assessment, self-management and leadership, making them attractive professionals who are productive on day one.

A win-win for students and universities alike, our career development solutions help institutions graduate career-ready professionals with an advantage in the workplace.


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