Leadership Development

Predict, Develop, Measure … Succeed

Effective leadership is what separates successful companies from also-rans. It is the driving force behind a winning culture. Right Management’s new P3 Leader model provides an efficient, proven framework to help your organization:

  • Assess and identify individuals with the greatest probability for success
  • Develop and coach the behaviors that matter most
  • Define KPIs to ensure business and talent-related outcomes align with your goals

The Right Management P3 Leader model represents our point of view on what organizations need to do to position their leaders to operate successfully in uncertain and dynamic markets. It provides a systematic way for organizations to build strong leadership pipelines by identifying talent with the greatest potential for success, helping them develop a focused set of capabilities, and managing their performance by measuring and rewarding relevant outcomes.

Leadership Development Programs

Right Management has a proven approach to help identify and develop future leaders, accelerate time to value and empower employees with the leadership skills they need to drive sustainable change.

Start Investing in the Right People. Predicting, Developing, and Measuring Leadership Effectiveness in the Human Age.

Against the backdrop of unpredictable markets and growing levels of employee disengagement, employers are facing an increasingly complex business environment. Yet, in almost half of all companies, leaders are unprepared to meet the challenges they’ll face in the next 3 to 5 years.

With 35+ years of experience in understanding our clients’ talent and development needs, Right Management’s leadership development solutions are designed to help you identify high-performing talent and develop leadership skills and capabilities needed to improve productivity while engaging and retaining your workforce. Our effective leadership development solutions include:

High Potential Talent Identification and Development

  • Organizations need to make smart decisions about how they identify and develop talent. Our targeted assessments help companies identify high potential talent by determining an individual's key behaviours and strengths competencies.
  • We tailor development programs to individual needs and challenges through customized learning opportunities designed to address your business goals and objectives through training.

Leader Coaching

  • We help leaders develop skills, competencies and behaviors that align with organizational strategy, culture, values, structure and processes.
  • Our global network features more than 1,000 expert coaches with industry-specific expertise and experience in helping people from diverse backgrounds thrive in leadership positions.

Online Career Platform

  • Accelerate time to value with wide-ranging learning and development tools that help emerging leaders realize their potential and advance in their professional journeys.
  • With the RightEverywhere® online career platform, employees have immediate access to career development resources via mobile and tablet devices – providing the visual, interactive learning environment favored by younger talent.

Employees are engaged when companies have effective leaders. With 87% of organizations believing that they don’t have an effective leadership development program, Right Management can identify and develop your future leaders to ensure organizational success.

Reducing risk in the leadership pipeline

Business Challenge: How do we help our clients identify high potential talent and drive succession planning for the future?

Challenge Accepted: See how Right Management designed an assessment program to provide constructive feedback to employees and help leadership identify hidden talent within the organization.

P3 Leader Model

Existing methods of identifying, developing, and rewarding leaders are not working as they should; and in our view, it’s time for new thinking about what constitutes effective leadership and how it’s measured.

Right Management's P3 Leader model is our point of view on how to identify and develop leaders that will be successful in an uncertain and dynamic market environment.

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