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Up to USD15.19/hr

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Toronto, ON - Banking - (CAN) 4950 Yonge Street Suite 700 ON Toronto , ON - M2N 6K1 Phone : 416-977-1748



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Dispute Resolution Call Center


The primary role of the Dispute and Credit Centre (DCC) Representative is to respond to incoming inquiries or requests from either VISA or MasterCard customers in a pleasant, courteous, knowledgeable, and professional manner. DCC Representatives may also be assigned to make outbound calls to clients, in an effort to resolve a clients' dispute, educate the client on the dispute handling process, or request additional information from the client. The DCC Representative will create and maintain positive memorable customer experiences that build confidence in our organization and leave our customers very highly satisfied every time.

The position is established to support the end-to-end dispute resolution process and to process credit card applications. This position handles the customer's initial call, customer's callback for updates to ongoing dispute case, credit card application information, and credit limit changes. The DCC representative is responsible for gathering detailed information from the customer during the initial call, involving the customer in the determination of the solution, and ensuring next steps resulting from the call are completed within Wrap time.

DCC Representatives will support credit card operations in a highly trained, empowered work environment by providing prompt, accurate, and detailed information to both internal and external customers through verbal/written communication.

Through sound analytical skills and effective probing techniques, the DCC Representative will be expected to demonstrate initiative and take full ownership and accountability by independently identifying, addressing, and resolving customers' inquiries without the need to transfer or escalate the situation.


The Dispute and Credit Centre Representative will be responsible for identifying customers' needs, independently resolving disputes and responding to credit service related inquiries received via verbal/written/e-mail communication from internal or external customers and other financial institutions.

Listen actively to clients' questions or concerns to determine the problem, do research or take necessary measures to achieve resolution, relying on good judgment, decision-making skills, and procedural knowledge.

Respond to incoming or make outbound calls, in a pleasant, courteous, knowledgeable, and professional manner; linking all aspects of the call within expectations of the Branded Customer Experience.

Take full ownership of the call and respond by telephone and/or in writing in a friendly, courteous, informed and professional manner that meets our national quality guide.

Re-direct non-Dispute and Credit related calls to the appropriate area for handling.

Gather information as required by Visa and MasterCard Operating Regulations to process and support chargeback, request and send customer correspondence and follow-up with a customer when necessary.

Understand, update, and validate customer's information in Capstone queue; complete the process by adjudicating the credit card application and provide a (approval or refusal) response to the customer.

Resolve credit card application inquiry by utilizing most current Review, Secured, Duplication, Missing and Verification rules in conjunction with credit bureau reports and financial analysis to assist in the final decision.

Process credit limit change requested from cardholder and/or branch, using clear and empathetic judgment when evaluating a request.

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