Pharmaceutical Packaging



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Up to USD12/hr

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East Norriton, PA - (USA) 2868 Dekalb Pike PA East Norriton , PA - 19401 Phone : 610-313-1401



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* Examine pharmaceutical packaging machinery at the beginning of each shift to ensure good working order * Perform preventative and general maintenance on machines and components on a regular basis * Start packaging machinery and test run it to ensure it is in working order * Take pharmaceutical packaging orders from supervisor and ensure that they are followed accurately during the entirety of the packaging procedure * Regulate components and dials to control the speed and type of packaging * Observe machinery to ensure conformance to quality and set standards * Maintain and upgrade knowledge of pharmaceutical packaging processes to ensure quality work * Make certain that input and output standards of the packaging machinery are met * Observe packaging equipment to make sure that each drug is being packed in the correct packing along with associated literature * Load correct labels and literature in packaging components to ensure accuracy of packaging * Report any problems or deviations in packaging procedures on an immediate basis to ensure that incorrect packaging does not take place * Prepare associated packaging documentation according to provided SOPs * Check packaged drugs to make sure that they are boxed, labeled and categorized properly * Assist in reconciling in-process and finished drug packaging and batch recording procedures