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Silicon Valley, CA - (USA) 2880 Zanker Road Suite 101 CA San Jose , CA - 95134 Phone : 408-577-1258



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Facility Management

Assist the Regional Head in managing the facility in Sunnyvale CA. This position is responsible for assisting with overall logistics of centers, including space utilization, general office management, building maintenance, and management of company owned/leased properties.

Day-to-day activities involve:

Space Utilization- ensuring proper allocation of seating for various projects within the delivery center.

Purchasing/Procurement and Asset Management- Maintaining inventory records and share order requests with Admin.

Vendor Management- Helping coordinate installation of infrastructure services such as electrical, furniture, networking, and security systems.

Client/Employee Visits- Assisting in coordinating conference room set up, providing refreshments or catering/food delivery orders at client/employee's request

New Employee Processing- Providing assistance to new employees upon their arrival to the Redmond GDC, including assigning seating, providing office materials, and setting up phones/printer connections

Oversight of Other day-to-day Facility Activities- *Ensure maintenance and upkeep of equipment, vending machine & water dispensers.

*Ensure adequate pest control in place.

*Maintenance of office equipment.

*Upkeep of all equipment-leased and owned.

*Inventory - All supplies, coffee, etc.

*Employee Information (Seat File)


*Printing & Stationery

*Communication systems - Desk phone, phones lines, fax, couriers etc *Pantry & Related supplies *Keeps supply room in good working order, ensuring cleanliness and property inventory.

*Assist Admin Head with:

*Maintaining Relations with CBRE Property Management and being a secondary POC Issues/Employee Issues Seating Chart; any other duties as directed by Facility Manager

If you are interested in this position, please contact Jennifer Jara via phone (510-440-9040) or email (Jennifer.jara@manpower.com)